America’s security has continued to evolve since the time of those who settled first till today, the time of forces who are well trained. A factor that leads to notable increase of private security to post world war from pre-civil war includes insufficient police and huge monetary loss by private sectors.

In today’s society, security is global, it is faced with many changes and challenges due to rise in technology, crimes, and terrorism. Hence, it is supposed to maintain a high level of technological innovation and professionalism so as to remain respected in the industry (John, 2010).
In the United States, private security industry can be traced from mid-nineteenth century, where they were used to assist cover the gaps left by the public police officers in the major cities. The role of security has changed over the years, from protecting property information to a bit complex form of business where individuals are paid by clients to take care of their private property and protect them from various dangers. In its early existence, private security training did not exist, or it was inadequate, but over the years training has grown and with that growth there have been firm guidelines and standards. In Europe, public law enforcement surfaced due to private security, but in the United States private security surfaced due to public law enforcement (Charles, 2012). Europeans that were migrating to the United States brought several ways of defending property and people. The ranks of sheriff, the watchman, and constable were acquired from England so as to establish public law enforcement in the United States. As growth occurred rapidly in the West, it was obvious that watchmen and constables were not in the position to give the necessary expansive services in protecting people and properties.
According to Charles (2012), in the United States today, private security is growing towards a new and a better professionalism. Security and investigating agencies are playing the main function in the movement. Security personnel are certified by the state, trained, and bonded by the firearms and state certified classrooms. The security personnel are well trained in using pepper spray, tasters, and firearms. Additionally, the security officers are well trained in the use of automated external defibrillator, terrorist patrol, and in the management of aggressive behavior. Also, each and every security officer is supposed to go through checks of criminal backgrounds and are verified if they have ever used illegal drugs before and when employed. The private security sector offers patrol cars, plain clothes, uniformed armed security officers, loss prevention specialists, and uninformed unarmed security officers. The private securities provide services for retail store, banks, residential neighborhood, hospitals, hotels, special events, and schools.
Private security is not something new; it existed before the public paid police forces. Individuals who wish to become security professionals should show interest in the history of the industry’s development due to various reasons. In today’s society, private security officers are found in several places like malls and hospitals. They are supposed to do the same duties as those of law enforcement officers. Security officers of today can find themselves working in a diversity of non-traditional security jobs. The private security officers do not receive the same respect like the ones at the law enforcement security gates. The reason for that is lack of training requirement. Since the private security industry has come to the face of the public, it should change its old customs and beliefs about the profession. Customs like their trend of hiring the least qualified individuals and of providing less training. In places like California today, security officers have been bestowed the power to arrest the law breakers while on duty, unlike before, where the security could not. There have been a lot of complains about security officers not doing their job as required; therefore, by correcting the past mistakes and taking caution, they might improve the face of the private security sector. A lot has changed in the private security in the United States, and the individuals who want to be professional need to equip themselves with the knowledge of the industry’s history. By so doing, they will know the merits and the demerits of the then security officers and today’s security officers. Additionally, the individual needs to know what changes have been so far incorporated (John, 2010).
Professionalism and training in security are a major topic that the industry of security should address. Since the international crime and terrorism has been a threat to the safety and security of the United States, officers who are not paid well, the untrained officers cannot improve their status. If the private security sector continues to stay in the dark ages, the industry will not attain the respect and the rank that it deserves.