Application is the best way to enhance your learning, therefore it is required that you apply EBP process to the case study that follows. This application will take place over the first two pieces of the assessment.

The two assignments are linked together in that assessment 1 is preparatory for assessment 2 in which (assessment 2) you will apply the principles of evidence-based practice (EBP). By doing assessment 1, you will be applying the first two steps of EBP process. • Identification of the MOST important NURSING need/ problem to be addressed; • development of the guiding/ clinical (answerable) question; These two steps are the most important ones in EBP in that they formulate the base for the subsequent steps. In other words, if these two steps are not correct, the next steps will not be appropriate. Therefore, the first assignment is a chance to obtain feedback that you will employ in producing assignment 2 that incorporates all steps of EBP

The Case Study
David is a 56 years man living with his wife (Barbara) and two children in South Perth, Western Australia. David is a professional accountant working from 09: 00 to 17: 00 hours Monday to Friday. David was enjoying the life with his family until recently when he developed chest tightness with sweating while he was walking in the bush during a family trip. David did not take these symptoms seriously, and believed this was exhaustion because of the prolonged walk. However, David accepted his wife’s suggestion to consult the family General Practitioner (GP) because the same symptoms happened a few weeks ago while gardening. She also pointed out that David’s father had passed away because of a heart attack. Barbra booked a time with Christopher (the GP). Christopher assessed David, and requested some further investigations (blood tests and electrocardiogram). Christopher advised that David is required to avoid alcohol consumption for 24 hours and to fast for at least 12 hours prior doing these blood tests. Christopher added, “These tests are to establish your lipid profile that includes your cholesterol (HDL, LDL & total cholesterol) plus triglycerides. Also, your obesity and age prolife concerns me David, so it is important to check your fasting blood glucose level. For the moment, I recommend that you avoid strenuous physical activities and stressful situations. If you experienced another attach of chest pain, you need to stop what you are doing, rest and have someone take you to the emergency department of the nearest hospital as this could be an indication of heart attack. The situation worried David for a number of reasons. He was naturally concerned for himself. His lovely wife has a history of breast cancer, and so he has concerns for his wife and their children as well. David’s work is the only source of income for the family.

Some important points to consider while preparing/ writing this assessment item:
• You will need an introduction and conclusion to this assignment.
• Headings are recommended – you might like to use the ‘key points’ above.
• Include cover sheet, title and contents pages and end-text reference list.
• Dot points are not acceptable – this must be written in essay style format.
• NB* this assignment is a plan of an essay about the selection of evidence for application to practice so you are NOT required to discuss detailed pathophysiology or clinical care. Rather, your discussion should focus on demonstrating the importance of the problem that you have identified and formulating a question that can be answered by examining the published literature (available evidence). The answerable question has elements; you need to make sure that all these elements are included in your question.
• Make sure you use the marking criteria to focus your preparation and discussion
. • Please remember that: