As medical advances allow people to live longer, the need for people to work with the elderly has increased. Perusing a job as a healthcare professional such as a nurse, physicians, gerontologist or occupation therapist is very beneficial and high demanding. Most people who choose to work with the elderly population have had some sort of closeness with an elderly while growing up that influences them to work with the elderly population.


In this field experienced, two participants were interviewed, both female one works as a Pharmacist and the other a Certified Nursing Assistant. The Pharmacist goes by the name of Tammi Blackwood from Macon GA who works at CVS, and other participant goes by the name Hyercin Harris from Marietta GA, who works with Comfort Keepers. Both Tammi and Hyercin jobs involved some interaction with the elderly. The data was collected through an interview process. The interview was very easy since I am close to both of the individuals. The participants were asked a very easy question regarding working with the elderly via phone conversation. The participants were not compensated for doing this interview nor pressured in any way when answering the questions. There were 8 questions job-related questions. I asked both individuals some similar question and two questions that were different during a separate interview. The first person I interviewed was Tammi since I know him personally I knew his answers were without bias. I was able to ask him 8 questions without interruption while taking appropriate notes. The second person I interviewed was Hyercin. Unlike Tammi, who I relate to a lot because we both went to the same church during my time living in Macon, Hyercin and I share a work-related friendship. Some of the questions I asked Tammi was different from the questions which I asked Hyercin. The ladies were very honest when answering the questions.

Questions asked:

Out of 15 questions asked each of the ladies 8 questions. I did not ask each of the ladies the same question is asked in order:

1. When did you decide to become work in your current job?

2. What is a typical day working in your current job is like?

3. What do you find rewarding about working with the elderly?

4. What are the opportunities for advancement when working in your field?

5. What are the challenges you encounter on a daily basis?

6. Since older people are living longer what new resources do you think is needed help today’s older age group?

7. Do you think the number of people being diagnosed with dementia has increased over the years? Give a reason why.

8. What are the concerns of the family member when you meet them for the first in deciding whether a facility is the best place for their loved ones?

9. Do you think it is better for a patient to be cared for when placed in a facility or at home with the family?

10. I understand the facility do both assisted living and residential after a patient health has decline and place on hospice advice the family to place them in a nursing home or do they stay here until they have passed on?

11. What are the challenges you encounter when hiring qualified staff to care for the elderly?

12. Do you experience a high rate of turnovers?

13. What procedure do you have in place if a family member complains a staff?

14. What do you see yourself ten years from now?

15. What advice would you give to a young person who is interested in working with the elderly?