Assume you are the case manager in the role described.
*Assume you are following a case management process as described in the generic model in your subject package.In your assessment, discuss how you would apply the overarching and practice functions of the case management model described in this subject, within the organisation and community context information provided.

This includes reflective discussion on your approach to practice that focuses on decisions and reasons for practice, the effectiveness of your practice and alternative approaches, skills or techniques (to demonstrate critical thinking).
*Demonstrate a client-centred case management approach to practice.
*Clearly outline and describe the communication and advocacy skills you would use by giving specific examples.
Community Context Information: (the context and case study information is fictitious and have been developed for this assessment exercise.)
Echo Valley is a town of approximately 15,000 population surrounded by small mixed farming areas. Much of the local industry is related to agricultural supplies or supports and the general businesses required to support everyday living, like chemist, grocery stores, medical surgery, hairdresser, clothing and shoe stores, several charity shops, church organizations and community health centre etc. There are Department of Human Services – Centrelink and Community Services offices in town that are operated full time. There is also a small hospital that has no emergency department, but has approximately 12 general ward beds and a 20 bed nursing home incorporated into it. There is a medium support retirement village in town of 15 units that has recently been completed. The hospital runs a ‘day care’ program each day for the elderly between 9 am and 3 pm, with bus collection pick up and drop off and a general activity program. There are some private practitioners like physiotherapist, counselors and speech pathologists and a part time (2 days per week) Headspace service in town. The Department of Ageing Disability and Homecare (ADHC) operates full time with a staff of 3. There is also a local Community Options program with one full time time and one part time worker, attached to the local shire council. A volunteer meals on wheels program operates three days per week.
There are two local high schools – a public and a Catholic high school. There are also two local public schools, again, a public and Catholic school. School counselors for the Catholic schools travel from a nearby centre. There is a school counselor attached to the public schools but they are only available 3 days per week.
The mental health services are provided by a team that is located in another town, Apollos, one hour away. There is a regular public bus service, weekly, to Apollos, leaving Echo Valley at 8 am and returning at 6 pm on a Thursday. A Community Transport service is sometimes available by appointment at a low cost to consumers. The local library has some public computer internet access available.
Echo Valley has some seasonal work available during summer as some of the smaller agricultural farms produce fruit and vegetables and pickers and packers are required. There is also an abattoir in town but it operates intermittently due to fluctuations in market demand.
Rental properties are fairly costly at present because there is a major road reconstruction project occurring nearby and many contract workers have taken medium term leases locally as the project is expected to take 12 – 18 months to complete. There are limited Department of Housing properties available.
There are a number of informal groups in town, like sports clubs, ladies and craft groups, church based organizations and a Rotary Club. The local facilities include several parks, a swimming pool, public library and some good camping areas in the valley area just outside town. There is an increase in tourism often in summer as it is a pretty valley known for good bushwalking and camping opportunities and is located several hours drive from the city.
Much of the local population is of Anglo-Australian descent though with the contract road work, there has been an increase in the cultural and gender mix in the area. Several of the construction workers have relocated their young families to the area with them for the duration of the project.
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