Because the essay needs to apply the theories and ideas from the article, notes and book “FBATR”, I post the parts of theses stuff to you. I think you should read and understand these information from these documents then write the essay. The “motivation” appeared in the article.

Inner Work Life. On page 76. I post one note from class. I think it should works for the essay. Then, I post some chapters from the book. These chapters including some important theories, I hope that works to you.

Theory in the text book. 1.Talent: Talents are rare and special.
Example1: Take nursing as an example. Working with a large health care provider, Callup had a chance to study some of the best nurses in the world. When nurse perform the same injection on the same population of one hundred patients. The average nurses introduced themselves with a brisk, “Oh, don’t worry, this won’t hurt a bit,” and then plunged in the needle with businesslike efficiency. The best nurses opted for a very different approach. They were just as efficient with the needle, but they set the stage rather more carefully, “This is going to hurt a little,” they admitted. “But’ don’t worry, I’ll be as gentle as I can” So, the patients think they more like the “best nurse”
These nurse were blessed with the relating talent empathy. They knew the injection would hurt, and each of them, in their own style, felt compelled to share that knowledge with the patients.

2. Even some roles are easy, they still required talent.
Example: “Let’s take hotel housekeepers as an example” Key word: put yourself in their shoes.
We shouldn’t devalue housekeepers. Anyone can probably clean a hotel room once in a while, but great housekeepers are special. Gallup asked best housekeeper “how do you know if a room is clean?” They said that the last thing they did before leaving a room was to lie on the guest’s bed and turn on the ceiling fan. Because that is the first thing that a guest will do after a long day out. They will walk into the room, flop down on the bed, and turn on the fan. If dust comes off the top of the fan, then no matter how sparkling clean the rest of the room was, the gust might think it was as dirty as the top of the fan.”

BA 352
Managing Individual and Team Performance
“You’re the Boss” Assignment
Due: July 19, 2013 at the beginning of class.
This assignment is an opportunity for you to assess the reality of different ideas we work with this semester and to apply them in a real-world setting. Interviewing employees about their experiences in the workplace and reporting on your findings will allow you to reflect on the degree to which theories reflect reality, and test your skills in developing a plan to motivate a group of actual employees. In this report, you will need to think about and articulate how the material from class explains (or fails to explain) the motivation and performance of employees in the working world, and how you can exploit the concepts and theories we will discuss in class to increase employee performance.
The Interview: