Describe information you synthesized to determine compliance with the standard

Instructions and Marking Guide

1. You are required to write two separate reflection using john model, each reflection must be 1200. The reflection must be on national safety and quality health standards encountered in clinical practice experience. The standards are attached along with the instruction. Use 5 references for each reflection.
2.The first reflection must be in clinical handover. Discussion must be about standard 6: clinical handover
at the aged care facility , the registered nurse was listening to the handover through the recorder. The place was noisy, the assistance nursing personal were talking to each other and the other nurses as well were listening to the handover through the recorder. The registered nurse she missed piece of information which was the residence in room number x vomited twice during night and evening time. As a result, the residence received her percutaneous endoscopy gastrostomy without receiving any pre medication in regarding vomiting. The residence vomited large amounts of coffee ground fluid in the presence of assistance nursing personal ,she was looking pale, sick , she reported that she has severe pain in abdomen with acidity , she refuse to have her lunch . Doctor informed, eventually she transferred to health facility , remain there for two days
3-The second reflection must be about administering medication. The discussion must be about standard 4 medication safety .Registered nurses, they sign the medication, before giving them to the residence.
in the aged care facility , while I was attending the medication administration procedure under the registered nurse supervision, after I administered 10 mg Lasix tab , when I signed it , I noticed that the registered nurse have signed all the medications for all the residences before administration .when , I asked about the reason, she said to save time, I am working her since long time, I know all the residences and their medication.
4.Write the reflection, follow john model.
5.Critically analyze the situation using all the steps of john model.
6. write according to the steps mentioned in the marking guidline.
7. you can modify the situation , add any information to it.

Marking Guide

Needs Very
Improvement Satisfactory Mark
Basis of Quality and Safety Standard A brief overview of the need for the Quality and Safety Standard relevant to the clinical setting

What does this standards tell us about how we need to think about patient safety in the aged care or community setting? Consider the details of the standard. /5
Aims and objectives Describe the major aims and objectives of the selected Quality and Safety Standard in the clinical setting. How were the aims and objective of the standard ‘observable’ during the practice experience ? Can you suggest how these Standard aims need to be adopted in the setting? /5
Reflection Reflect on your clinical experience:

Describe the situations or circumstances when you applied the standard? How did you cope?

Describe any emotions experienced at the time?

How/what did you interpret, discriminate or relate essential information necessary for the application/evaluation of the standard?

Describe information you synthesized to determine compliance with the standard

Contemplate what you have learnt from this process and what you would do differently next time /5
References Claims and recommendations supported with appropriate evidence based literature. Minimum 5 – 7 references /5