Describe the Clinical leadership theme and global aim statement. Identify the Clinical leadership competency/role and/or magnetism thread that is the framework for this project. Statement of the Problem

Reduction of psychiatric patient boarding in the emergency rooms

Paper details:
The Final Essay is the Prospectus and Summary Report that you used to solve your identified problem during your CNL practicum activities. Your final paper should include the following information in narrative format and attention to general APA guidelines, such as consistent font (Times New Roman, 12 point font size), double-spaced, cover page, references in APA format and 1-inch margins. You use the following template headings (see bolded phrase below) in your prospectus to guide your thoughts and general manuscript coordination. Clinical Leadership Theme: Describe the Clinical leadership theme and global aim statement. Identify the Clinical leadership competency/role and/or magnetism thread that is the framework for this project. Statement of the Problem: Define a question, set of questions, problem, or thesis that establishes the purpose of your study. Project overview: Include detailed goals and objectives. In the prospectus, be clear as to what you are planning. At the end of the overview, provide the specific aim statement and state how the specific aim statement relates to the global aim statement. Rationale: What data analysis in your needs assessment led you to this project? Describe your microsystem data source and the needs assessment that indicates your project is needed. For the needs assessment use unit data, audits, FEMA, HCAPS analysis, etc. to show a need for the project. Describe the projected cost analysis in the narrative and include a projected cost analysis in the appendices. See the link. Also, in your appendices, include a copy of your root cause analysis (fishbone diagram), process map (flow chart), SWOT Analysis, and stakeholder analysis. Methodology: Describe the approach(es) you will take. Make sure to include the objective and specific change to be tested. Include a change theory that will guide your project. Explain why this approach is appropriate for your project. What actions will you take when the project is implemented? What data results will you collect to check if your project is effective? What are your predictions and how will you check your predictions with the expected results? Data Source/Literature Review: Describe the site or focus of your study; audits, patient satisfaction, unit assessment information. Explain why it is particularly appropriate for your purposes. Include a review of the materials you presented in your annotated bibliography from your project outline. Describe any other literature you reviewed to support the need for this project. The literature review should be a minimum of six articles from your annotated bibliography, which should be from research or applied management/organizational nursing journals or books, not including your textbooks. Describe your PICO search statement and explain how each piece of literature review supports your problem statement and project (See Module 4 for more information on the PICO search and how to write the literature review). Timeline: Describe the timeline of each step of the project in this part of the narrative. Include a timeline in the appendices that lists the steps, titles of the persons responsible (do not use names), and date each step is due to be completed. Use Your Project Outline timeline for the implementation of your project. Once you develop a timeframe and calendar for your project, use these parameters to stay on schedule. If you make a change to the content of your project thesis, make the change to your prospectus as well. The prospectus is your outline for what you intend to cover and should reflect the final product. Expected Results: What outcome do you presently expect or imagine? What conclusions or theories might emerge from the study? Nursing Relevance: What significant contribution will this study make to our present understanding? You may speculate here. Summary Report: The summary report will include a narrative of what you actually did, the results, and what you learned. How will it be used? It must also include data and evaluations from the unit, personnel/patients involved and your conclusions. Restate the objectives (aim) of the CNL Internship Project. Describe your actual population and setting. Describe the methods used to implement your project, and any changes made from the prospectus. Include a description of the baseline data and how that data showed a need for the project. Identify any published materials, teaching aids, etc., that were used. Describe the evaluation and conclusions. In the discussion of the evaluation, discuss the data collected and how it compared to your projections. State your conclusions and base them on the data collected. Include a copy of the evaluation tool/s in the appendices and the data collected during the project. Discuss your sustainability plan for maintaining the change after you have completed the practicum.