Describe which best practices in human resources management you followed when creating this job description and explain why you considered them to be best practices.

Writing Effective Job Description
Section I
Community Health Nurse II
Minnesota off site Medical Center looking for RN for the Diabetes prevention for FT DAY (7A – 7 P) Shift, offering 7,500 – 10,000 SIGN-ON BONUS, whose compassion, clinical expertise, and excellence are top priority. As an RN, you will perform public/community health nursing services in clinics, homes and in the community; and to provide community and client centered counseling, education and information concerning illnesses
Department: Public Health and Human ServicesSalary: $63,403 – $83,171
Community Health Nurses are responsible for the following duties:
May administer a variety of pre-examination tests including skin tests, blood tests, and other tests used in determining blood sugar levels; provide information and education to patients before and after tests as necessary
May provide health related information on the prevention of diabetes; coordinate health programs with outside organizations and agencies; provide general health related information and instruction to individuals, families, and community groups
Act as a resource and provide leadership to community groups and co-workers
Make home visits
May assess, plan, and implement care, evaluate patient’s response to plan, make changes in plan as appropriate
Candidates for the RN/Registered Nurse should meet the following requirements:

Minimum 1-3 years experience
Hold and maintain current state license to practice as a Registered Nurse/RN.
Graduate of an Accredited School of Nursing
Basic Life Support (BSL) (Required)
Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid driver’s license
Possession of, or ability to obtain, an appropriate, valid CPR certificate
Knowledge of: Principles, procedures, methods, and techniques of nursing practice
Pertinent Federal, State and local laws, codes, and regulations regarding health care
Universal precautions and infection control practices

Working Conditions:
Any employee may be required to stay at or return to work during public health incidents and/or emergencies to perform duties specific to this classification or to perform other duties as requested in an assigned response position. This may require working a non-traditional work schedule or working outside normal assigned duties during the incident and/or emergency.
Benefits provided
Healthcare/ Dental
Tuition Reimbursement*
Student Loan Repayment*
Retention Incentives*
Appointees to the position must successfully complete at least a six month probationary period prior to being certified for permanent employment.
Minnesota’s is an equal opportunity and veteran-friendly employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, familial status, age, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, disability, genetic information, veteran status or activity in a local Human Rights Commission or any other characteristic protected by law.
Section II: Summary: Describe how the job description (including duties and qualifications) might be different today from those needed in the recent past (e.g., 5 years ago) and why.
Today’s nurses aren’t just caring for the sick; they’re changing our very notion of modern medicine and health care delivery. Nurses are giving TED talks, publishing scientific research, developing mobile medical applications, and actively addressing health care policy. They’re collaborating with their colleagues, from social workers and oncologists to hospital administrators and public safety personnel. The field is growing, and so are opportunities for nurse practitioners, DNP and PhD nurses, nurse educators, nurse-anesthetists, and nurse researchers.
New health care technology is also creating opportunities for nurses. More and more aspects of the profession are electronic: Test results, X-rays, blood work, and ordering medication. An array of new technologies — mobile devices, electronic medical records, cloud computing, and teleconferencing — invite nurses to be digitally ambitious.
Professional nurses have always had to meet rigorous education and training standards, but the standards today are far more challenging than ever. While it is possible to earn the registered nurse designation with just a bachelor’s degree, many nurses are opting to seek a master’s in nursing through an MSN bridgeprogram, in order to improve their career and earnings potential. In most of these programs, nurses earn credit for their experience and the courses they’ve already taken and earn their master’s in nursing by taking courses to expand their knowledge and fill in any gaps.
In addition to degree programs, though, nurses are also expected to complete more continuing education courses to keep their licenses current. Government requirements for nursing licenses are more complex
and stringent than ever before; nurses need to complete additional education and training to stay up-to-date
While inflation, changes in minimum wage and other factors influence the value of nursing salaries, you can’t argue the point that nurses make more money today than any other time in history. On average, the starting salary for an RN is $40,000; some specialty nurses make well over $70,000 each year and some even earn six figures. Most healthcare facilities offer excellent benefits as well, including flexible schedules that weren’t as common 50 years ago. Of course, given all of the education required for a career in nursing these days, it’s important that the salaries match the requirements.
Describe which best practices in human resources management you followed when creating this job description and explain why you considered them to be best practices.
In the Human Resource Management using basic: Human Resource Strategies:Basic Human Resources Principle: Hire the right people, Specific Practices: knowing what you want.Be selective.
There’s a shortage of nurses in order to get the best nurses the human resource will need to provide signing bonuses, pay matching to allow a counteroffer when an employer is being recruited by others, referral awards to existing staff for helping recruit hard – fill position.