Discuss the prevention strategies – both source of the environmental/occupational hazards, or habitants of the vectors, and at population levels.

Air Pollution and Food Safety|Nursing homework paper

This is the penultimate article review in the series. This review will focus on either Air Pollution OR Food Safety. As in the previous article reviews, you are required to do a literature search in peer-review journals and follow assignments prompts in the review guide. Please note that NEWS items are not allowed. Your reviews are due in Blackboard by November 6th by 11:59pm.

Article Review 4 – Air Pollution and Food Safety
A. Introduction
The purpose of the article review series is to get you think critically about the environmental and occupational exposure and health effects in secondary literature, that is either a peer-review article or professional paper. No news items are allowed. You are expected to choose your own article to review. Make sure to go over the review expectations (itemized in the “Task to Complete” below) before you decide on the choice of the article. When choosing your article, ensure your search includes some key words like to help you narrow to the need of the assignment. For example: the review title – e.g. ‘air pollution’, ‘food contamination’; ‘food safety’; ‘exposure’; ‘outcome’; ‘prevention’; ‘control’; or other technical words or phrases that will help you to discuss the points highlighted in the instruction below. Please visit the WKU Libraries for guidance. You are also advised to use the libraries’ search engines (https://libguides.wku.edu/publichealth) for peer-review articles that are already purchased by the university.

This Article Review is focus on either radiation OR water pollution. You have to decide and focus on one. You SHOULD NOT DO both radiation and water pollution.

B. Task to Complete:
I will be looking for three (3) things when I grade the paper:

1. Bibliographic information

· Make this the title of your review. The title structure will vary slightly based on the article format chosen. Please refer to the following examples for guidance.

i. Peer-review Article: Last Name, First Name. (Year). “Title of Article”. Title of Journal. Volume (Number): Page spread (e.g. 15-26).

ii. Technical Report: Name of Agency. (Year). “Title of Article”. Name of publisher.

iii. Book Chapter: Last Name, First Name. (Year). “Title of Chapter”. Title of Book. Editor First Name Last Name. City of Publication: Page spread (e.g. 15-26).

2. Brief summary of the article. Summarize the main points the author(s) discussed. Be sure to briefly answer the following questions. A sentence or two each will often be adequate.

· What are the environmental pollutants that often affect water quality or sources of radiation in the environment or workplace that specific diseases? Be sure to name a at least one condition or disease.

· Where can they be found in the environmental/worksite?

· How can the population be exposed to such contaminants/pollutants or affected by the hazards?

· How can the effect on the population (or affected individuals) be controlled or minimized?

3. Detail analysis of the article. This is the most important part of the exercise and most of the mark will be allocated to this section.

· You need to expand on the points discussed in 2 above but in a rather more detail fashion.

· You need to show that you have critically think about the article by arguing out the strengths and limitations of the article.

· Detail analysis of the population effects especially to children/vulnerable population/minority (where applicable)

· Discuss the prevention strategies – both source of the environmental/occupational hazards, or habitants of the vectors, and at population levels.

C. Final Product
The final product for this exercise is one (1) page written Word document that addressing the points in the ‘Tasks to Complete’, above. Please turn your work through the Article Review 4- link in Blackboard.