Do you feel management is concerned with your mental being at work?

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The development of research proposals begins with a definition of a practice problem based on the PICOT framework. See the Week 4 Overview and video, and Polit & Beck (2016) for more details on this approach.
APA Paper 6 pages references and articles cannot be older than 5 years. This is the development of my Pilot Research.

P – patient population
I – intervention or issue
C – comparison with another intervention or issue
O – outcome
T – time frame

PICOT is a technique medical researchers use to develop a clinical research question. It may form part of a formal funding or research proposal, or medical staff may use it to carry out a small-scale experiment. PICOT is an acronym for the five different areas the technique considers — patient population, intervention or issue, comparison with another intervention or issue, outcome and time frame.

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This framework encourages an organized approach to provides background questions necessary for a basic understanding of the problem and foreground questions, such as occurrence, from current research related to the clinical problem (Polit & Beck, 2016). Using the question templates in the Polit and Beck text (p. 38), construct your research question, and consider the following questions.

Parts of this week?s paper will be the foundation of the content for Assignment 2.

1. Choose your topic of interest in clinical practice, education, or administration and provide a brief description of the problem (background information, including research statistics).

Topic: Exploring How Emergency And Urgent Care Nurses Cope With Workplace Stress Because of Workload

2. Retrieve 2 primary sources of research related to your chosen topic and provide a brief summary of each (No older than 5 years). Based upon these 2 research studies, what information would you need to construct your proposed research project? Find articles that focus on Stress and the high workload of ER nurses
3. Construct your research question based upon the PICOT framework. This is going to be a qualitative study.
4. Choose a mid-range or grand theory that could be used as a theoretical framework that can provide both support and validation for the proposed study. Briefly describe the theory and why you chose it. How does it provide a foundation for your proposed study? ACTION Research
5. Search for 3 more articles (no older than 5 years), and provide a summary of them separately, and then integrate the information, to begin constructing your literature review. Identify a gap in the literature that opens the way for your proposed topic.

Here are some sample questions I may want to ask:

Are you experiencing any work related stress right now?
Have you considered changing to another department? Why or Why not?
Are you happy with your work environment?
Is sleep a problem for you?
Do you feel management is concerned with your mental being at work?
Do you feel management is concerned with your mental being at work?
Are you satisfied with your daily workload?
Do you feel “stressed out” because of work?
Do you take breaks during your shift? Why? Or Why not?

Articles to look for:
Look at articles relating to stress in ER Nurses, why is it so high?
Staffing patterns in the ER, which causes stress among nurses
Also look for articles with staffing patterns of nursing this could be why the nurses are so stressed out (Overworked)?
You could also look for articles relating to stressors because of the emergency situations that occur in the ER.