Evaluate and assess the patients’ response to nursing interventions and upgrade information accordingly.

reflective essay on nursing bedside handover using Gibb’s reflecive cycle (1998) during my clinical placement

Reflective essay – assigment instructions

-word count; 750-1000 words.
-Present your work in standard essay format.
-The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your abillity to refelct on your clinical practice and understand the relationship between your practice and the NMBA(National competency standards for the registrerd nurse) competency standards.

*Reflecting on your practice enables:
-Alignment of practice to the NMBA National competency standards for the registered nurse (2006)
-Professional and personal growth
-Time to consider the complexities of health care delivery, in contemporary settings.

*Throughout the Retern to Register course, you have been made aware of Gibb’s reflective cycle (1998), which is comprised of the follwing steps:
– a description of what occured
– a description of what you thought and felt
– an evaluation of what was good and bad about the experience
– an alalysis of what was learned
– a conclusion: describing what could have been done differently
– an action plan: describing what would be done in future, if the same situation arose.

Choose the learning goal which you consider to be your significant. Using the Gibbs cycle, reflect upon your achivement of this goal. Remember to include any barriers that your encountered during clinical plaement and any strategies you used to overcome those barriers and achieve your goal.

Throughout your reflection, you must demonstrate an understanding of, and alignment of practice with, the NMBA National competency standards, for the registred nurse (2006).

My goal for this essay is

*To be able to communicate effectively and deliver a clear, accurate and relevant clinical bedside handover based on individualised nursing care by week 5 on the clinical placement.

*Learning strategies and resources for the goal are:

-Attend hand over to gather information at the beginning of my shift.
-Observe and listen to other nurse’s handover to get useful strategies.
-Attend the handover on time to not miss relevant clinical information.
-Practice giving clinical handover with 2 patients by week 1 and building up to 6 patients by week 2 under preceptor supervision at the end of my shift.
-Use the time management gird.
-Collect relevant medical/surgical information from the various tools (ex: read progress notes, check fluid balance chart, medication chart, observation chart, pathology results and talk to patients), so that I know my patients well enough to handover.
-Evaluate and assess the patients’ response to nursing interventions and upgrade information accordingly.
-Use the ISBAR tool as a guideline for the handover.
-Find/read the hospital policies and procedures related to the handover.
-Simulated handover practice with my preceptor before giving the handover, especially 1st week of clinical placement.
-Learn and use medical terminologies and standard abbreviations appropriately during my handover.
-Reflect on my own performance of handover and identify areas of improvement.

Before ou submi your assignmen, check that you have covered the following steps:

*Identified a clear SMART goal
*The refelction is structured according to the Gibb’s cycle, including:
-Action plan
*There is evidence of practice alignment with the relevant NMBA standards.
*The learning goal is evaluated in the conclusion of the essay.
*Writing and referencing are correct.

5 weeks theory part finished and I am doing the 6 weeks clinical placement in Orthopaedic ward night shift at the moment.
My back ground of nursing is 4 years operating theatre in Korea and 5 years of Haemodialysis in Australia, so Orthopaedic ward is quite different environment for me, especially handover. Because the two parts where I used to work are the special areas at the hospital and not need much to give handover to the next shift nurse. Also my background is Korea
(been in Australia for 12 years) and non english native speaker.
That is why I chose the goal to learn and overcome about the nursing handover.

Please help me to pass this course and if you need any more information to write the essay please contact me.
Thanks in advance.

PS: for the References
these two have to be in and other internet resources are fine.
-Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) 2006 Competency standards for the registered nurse. Author, Canberra
-Gibb’s Cycle of reflection
May use NMBA code of ethics for nurses in Australia and NMBA code of professional conduct for nurses in Australia.