Having undertaken the MEGA business simulation in your team, you are now required to write an individual report (NOT AN ESSAY) based on reflective analysis. This should contain the following in 2000words (+/- 10%) and the deadline is: Thursday 18th of February 2016 by electronic submission through turn-it-in on Blackboard by 12:59 (mid-day). The link to submit will open one week before submission :-). So here we go:

1. An introductory discussion on how reflective practice techniques can be useful to analysing your MEGA team experience.
2. Use of relevant academic theories and concepts applied to the context of your reflective analysis.
3. An outline of critical incidents (positive and negative) that affected your team and you as an individual
4. Elaboration on the consequences of these incidents
5. A concluding chapter on how the areas discussed previously have:
(i) Developed transferable skills (or not)
(ii) The influences that your learning experiences will have in any future organisational and team roles that you undertake.
(iii) You are encouraged to use relevant academic theories in your conclusions as well.
6. You MUST include in the appendices the log-book/diary of your MEGA team meetings. Do not worry about the fact this part of the assignment would be the same for every team member – nothing to worry about the percentage of plagiarism. We are aware of this. (log book = diary, and it is the team one – not essential to attach an individual one)


Assessment Criteria for assessment 2

? Use and detail of critical incidents: 30%
? Application of academic theories & concepts: 30%
? Conclusions (Quality of critical insight or else Critical Evaluation /Transferable Skills developed): 30%
? Structure, clarity & presentation of work: 10%

Proposed Structure:

• Front Cover (excluded from the word count)

• Ex. Summary (excluded from the word count):
Describing max one page what is this assignment on, key concepts, key incidents and mostly the learning outcomes on your transferable skills)

• Table of contents (excluded from the word count)

• Introduction:
Short – one/two paragraphs ideally describing briefly reflective techniques and their value. Here you mention the key theories on reflection that you will use (or not) and why. For example theories from authors suchs as Kolbs, Gibbs, Schon, etc. A smart way to get points is not just to mention and reference the ones that you use but also the ones that you will not use and why (and of course reference them).

• Critical Incidents analysis:
Over here you can write from 2 to 4 critical incidents either positive or negative from your experience in MEGA simulation. Avoid writing only one or more than 4 (since then you either overanalyse or analyse too thinly). Ideally 3 would be just fine depending on your writing style (extensive or not). Within those critical incidents (for every one): you need to analyse what happened shortly and not write a narrative/personal story or self justification. You need to identify both your view and the other members’ views looking at things in a reflective manner. You can also write in the 1st person if you need to.