How does leadership effect quality of care in Nursing?The order is for writer 348720. Hi peter, I had ordered in the past 3-4 months a dissertation to be written on topic ” how does leadership effect quality of care in nursing’.

On the dissertation have been working 3 writers and i ended up ‘failed’.One of the dissertation parts was written by you but i thimk the main issues are not there. I will attach the dissertation and the comment from the markers and the articles which have been used to write it. can you please fix it according to the markers comments cause its last chance to pass. Please let me know if that service is under “editing” or something else. I believe my methodology section is very poor too.I have paid for 17 pages but i am not sure how it works with the editing services as the part which you did is mainly ok apart from the comment of the marker that you have been using another student’s dissertation in your work. Please contact me if you have any questions. The marker comments were:
Areas for further development: You have lost a lot of marks because your written English is difficult to follow. With many syntax and spelling errors, your meaning is unclear, or contradicts what you are saying. For example: you discuss ‘medical errors’, in an ELR related to nursing leadership. My guess is that you mean medication administration errors, which would make more sense. Your methodology is flawed for several reasons: • Your research question is not clear from the start, thus your topic is not clear either. • Your keys words do not mention medication errors, but this topicforms part of your rationale and you discuss this within your analysis. If medication errors came up in the articles that selected using your key terms, then ‘medication errors’ would be a theme, or sub-theme of theme 2. • You have used other students ELR assignments as your evidence base. You could score more marks by further development of your referencing, as you lost a significant amount of marks here. For example: Almuktat and Bellow are not in your reference list; and there are significant errors and misspellings.There are citation errors see page 15 – 16 and page 16 and page 25 for two examples. There are areas, particularly within the introduction and rationale, where references are needed to back up what is being suggested. Luis and Maria (2016) seem to be chosen paper to discuss in your first theme but is not present within appendix 1. The range of literature chosen could have been broader and from a greater variety of sources in order to provide a good coverage relevant to the dissertation topic. There are omissions in the reference list for example: Chiok and Loke (2001) do not feature. There are also errors such as every year missing brackets and Boler, Buckley and Proudfoot (2007) paper title is in capital letters. As mentioned above, some of your evidence is not robust enough. This means that you have not demonstrated your knowledge base, or your ability to integrate in practice. Some of this may also have been affected by your spelling errors.You have demonstrated some analysis, however, you could have scored far more marks by considering the different leadership style in more detail: providing definitions and descriptions of each style, and by identifying the differing rationales that your articles presented. Your discussion did not pick up on the factors affecting staffing in the current climate, just that more staff would be an answer to the problem with errors. This also demonstrates that you were biased towards the staffing agenda, rather than how effective leadership can improve patient care