Identify the responsible agencies in your federal, state, or community you would work with to achieve these four elements and reduce health disparities in this cultural group.

Your ?Developing My Cultural Competence – Transcultural Nursing? is a summary paper that incorporates all of the papers you have done throughout this course. The goal is to demonstrate your level of cultural competence to become a transcultural nurse. Describe one major learning in each of the stages of developing cultural competence – Awareness, Knowledge, Sensitivity, and Skills. Identify three areas where you believe you can continue to build your cultural competence. Provide two examples of how you have become a transcultural nurse. If references are used include both in text citations and References in APA Editorial format. Using course material see attached

Increasing Patient Safety and Outcomes

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This paper is being submitted on (September 5, 2016) for Dr. Michelle MacDonald?s NU310/NUR3655 Transcultural Nursing Course

Why Cultural Group Chosen
Smoking is that cause for some health issues in the Asian American community. According to Healthy People, 2020 smoking is the single most preventable cause of disease and death among Americans (HealthyPeople2020). Asian Americans are often excluded from clinical trials due to the assumption that risk factors do not exist due to low body weight and low animal fat consumption, but recent studies show that Asian Americans have a high risk for cardiovascular disease and prone to cancer related illnesses (Giger, 2017). Koreans are a small group amongst the United States yet have a higher expectancy among citizens of the United States. North Koreans have unique qualities that identify them as a nation, for example, the Asian culture speaks a special language called Hangeul the language today spoken in 31 different countries (Giger, 2017). According to the text, the Hangeul language helps preserved the Korean nation and identity and subsequently because of this makes this culture unique (Giger, 2017).
Overview of Healthy People 2020 Goals
A brief overview of the Healthy People 2020 goal is to reduce the illness and death of tobacco smoking and exposure to secondhand smoking. The health effects of smoking have increased throughout the years. According to the Healthy people, 2020 overview the Surgeon General released his report in 1964 on the tobacco smoking since that release more than 20 million people have died due to tobacco related causes (HealthyPeople2020). Smoking amongst men in Korea is quite common, but according to the text, there has been a decline in smoking habits amongst men in Korea in contrast women of Korea are now more likely than men to smoke tobacco (Song et?al., 2004)).
Overview of Healthy People 2020 Objectives
Healthy people, 2020 plan of action is to progress towards a healthier nation in ending the tobacco epidemic (The Department of Human Health). The federal government along with the Center for Disease Control has collaborated to reward cities and countries who use evidence-based interventions to control tobacco use (HealthyPeople2020). Healthy People 2020 objectives include reducing the use by adults and young individuals, increase the success of adult smoker, and reduce secondhand exposure to nonsmokers. Expanding cessation insurance coverage removes the barriers that prevent smokers from quitting successfully such access to medicines, and counseling in addition to it increases the number of individuals who use evidence-based measures to stop (CDC, 2014).
Overview of Healthy People 2020 Determinants of Health
Gender, race, and ethnicity in addition to genetics all play a role in an individual’s willingness or influence to stop smoking (HealthyPeople2020). Reports of smoking changes amongst genders in the Asian culture is are likely due to the increase independence that women are allowed today, family dynamics have little influence on women to stop smoking (Giger, 2017).
Overview of Healthy People 2020 Health Status
Tobacco use causes health problems, including cancer such as lung, bladder, kidney (HealthyPeople2020), and heart disease, findings from recent studies show that smoking cessation programs should be initiated amongst the Asian population to reduce the predominance and potential for heart disease. It is critical for healthcare professionals to begin to decrease the incidence of Asian American women smoking to lessen the possibility of heart disease (Giger, 2017). Health status in general should increase without health disparities amongst Asian Americans and people of any culture to live and lead healthier lives.

Agencies should work with to reduce disparities and achieve a tobacco free America would be agencies include the Agency of Health Care and Research, Agency of Toxic Substance and Disease Registry, Food and Drug Administration.


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Increasing Patient Safety & Outcomes: Scoring rubric and grading criteria Points
In a 1-2 page Word document using correct APA format, grammar, and spelling. 2
Describe why you chose this cultural group, including what makes this group the same as or different than you. 4
Provide a brief overview of the four elements of Healthy People 2020 for this population to reduce health disparities, which include:
? Goals
? Objectives
? Determinants of Health
? Health Status 12
Identify the responsible agencies in your federal, state, or community you would work with to achieve these four elements and reduce health disparities in this cultural group. 7
Total 25