Is this crime one that is more or less likely to be reported? Explain.I’ve known years and years of depression. I’ve, uh…I’ve, uh…I’ve been physically sick in times in my life. I lost my job. I had no friends

What is the short-term impact of the crime?

What may be some long term impacts of the crime?

Who might hold the victim responsible for his/her victimization and why?

What issues may a victim advocate face when assisting a victim of this particular type of crime?

What services may be needed to assist a victim of this particular type of crime?

Child Abuse


It was part of my childhood to be beaten so badly that my eyes would be swollen shut for days

on end. I had an uncle who was . . . he was a sadist. He was brutal. He was… He was absolutely

insane. And I suffered beatings at his hands time and time and time again. He would be the only

father figure that I would know as a child because my mother and him lived together all

throughout the earliest part of my childhood. My mother was as well . . . she was a violent

person. Any small thing that annoyed her, it was taken out on us kids.

My mother handed me over to a pedophile when I was 5, and by then, I—you would have

thought that I was conditioned to handle . . . the horrors of my life, but this added a new

dimension to my suffering, and I found it almost unbearable to deal with. So, as a kindergartner,

I would have to leave kindergarten class and go home and have sex with this man who was in his


I remember the long walk home—and crying. And falling down and having to get back up and

walking along, and falling down and crying and getting back up and walking on. I had to adjust

to that situation. I had no choice but to shoulder this responsibility, and I learned that food meant

sex for me. Young in life, I would turn to drugs. And that would be a friend of mine for a long, long, long time. My journey has been an enormous struggle for me.

I’ve known years and years of depression. I’ve, uh…I’ve, uh…I’ve been physically sick in times in my life. I lost my job. I had no friends. I… I assumed I would die. I never expected to live through this. I don’t think being abused as a child goes away. There’s things that I deal with as an adult now that, uh, it’s kind of like problem . . . trouble shooting. I maintain taking care of my mental health and my emotional health, and I’ve learned over the years to be fairly good at it. I know that I am a high-functioning abuse survivor. I have a propensity towards honesty, whereas my siblings don’t. They . . . they want to just forget it. They don’t want to think about it. But I

think it’s more insidious than that. We were made to witness crimes committed against one another over and over again. It’s like we’re . . .we hold the truth, and we can’t get near one another. It’s too horrible. To even see each other is so painful.

Elder Abuse