It is strongly recommended that students revisit and ensure they understand the University
and Unit policies and guidelines related to academic integrity, plagiarism, submission,
extension, late submission and resubmission. Information or links to related documents are
on the Assessments menu on NUR250 Learnline

It is the student’s responsibility to have read, understood and, if required,
sought clarification of Assessment 1 information, including topic and tasks,
requirements and related University and/or Unit policies and guidelines
The Unit Coordinator cannot be held responsible for information about
Assessment 1 that students may access outside of the NUR250 Learnline site
or the communication tools used in NUR250.
This includes information students may access from other students, whether enrolled in the
unit or not, using social media tools such as Facebook and/or friends and/or colleagues they
may discuss their assignment with.
The Unit Coordinator is the person to contact if you have any questions or
NUR250 Assessment 1
Topic: Nursing care of a patient with altered skin integrity
Due date: 1500 Wednesday Week 7
Length: 2000 words
Contribution to overall grade: 40%
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Topic and Tasks S1 2016
Aim and purpose of Assessment 1
Assessment 1 is the only written academic assignment in NUR250.
The aim and purpose of Assessment 1 is to provide students the opportunity to
demonstrate they:
? Are developing their ability to locate, interpret, integrate, synthesize and apply
nursing knowledge from NUR250, other units they have completed and a range of
current, reliable sources to a patient case or scenario they may meet in day to day
nursing practice in medical surgical settings
? Are developing appropriate critical thinking, clinical reasoning and sound clinical
decision making processes and strategies essential for safe, evidence-based and
competent nursing practice in medical surgical settings
? Are able to focus their attention to the needs of the individual patient as the key
concern of nursing practice in medical surgical settings
? Are able to explain and justify or defend their nursing care decisions
? Have a developing understanding of the role and scope of practice of the registered
nurse in the Australian health care context
? Are progressing towards the level of professional written communication required
for nursing practice in Australia
? Are demonstrating ethical and professional practice by adhering to the University’s
academic integrity standards and plagiarism policy
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Topic and Tasks S1 2016
NUR250 Assessment 1
Assessment 1 is to be prepared and submitted following the guidelines
Academic literacy and academic integrity guidelines
Note: Marks are allocated for following presentation guidelines and attention to academic integrity and
literacy requirements. See the Assessment 1 marking criteria for full details.
Academic Literacy
Assessment 1 is to be submitted and presented:
? On the Assessment 1 template located in the Assessment 1 folder on NUR250 Learnline
? As a computer generated document in Word format.
o It is the student responsibility to ensure their assignment is converted to a Word
format document before submission. Other word processing software or
applications may not be compatible with Learnline and may interfere with
formatting of your document and timely marking of your assignment
? 1.5 spaced in either Arial font size 10 or 11 or Times New Roman or Calibri font size 11 or 12
? In clear, coherent Australian English that demonstrates progression towards the standard for
written communication for professional nursing practice in Australia
? Using appropriate professional terminology
? Contents page, title page, introduction and conclusion are NOT required
? With no acronyms, abbreviations and/or nursing jargon
? Writing style is variable, depending on task. See specific task information for guidelines
? Referencing is required when and where appropriate. Refer to task information for
guidelines. (See academic integrity information below)
? No more than 10% over or under that stated word count
o Note: Headings, any task information copied in and in-text citations are included in
the word count
? Use of trade names is not acceptable. Only generic terms or names are to be used when
referring to specific medications or other prescribed treatments or resources that may be
used in nursing practice
NUR250 Medical Surgical Nursing 1: Assessment 1 Topic and Tasks S1 2016
Academic Integrity: Acknowledging and using the work of others
Students are reminded of their academic responsibilities and professional nursing practice
requirements when using the work of others in assignments.
Reminder: Marks are allocated for academic integrity. See the marking criteria for Assessment 1 for full
details. Breaches of academic integrity will be lodged on the University system and may have serious
consequences for students.
? All information is to be interpreted and restated in your own original words demonstrating
your ability to interpret, understand and paraphrase material from your sources
? It is recommended that direct quotations be kept to an absolute minimum in number and
length. It is far better to paraphrase to demonstrate your understanding
? Your thoughts and ideas are to have complete, correct and consistent in-text citations with
full and complete publication details in the reference list in CDU APA 6th (Reference
list is to start on a new page at the end of the assignment)
Academic integrity: Draft checking for inadvertent breaches of academic
To assist students to check their final draft assignments for possible breaches of academic integrity,
there is a Draft Checking site on NUR250 Learnline.
? A few days before you submit your assignment, submit a draft copy of your assignment to
generate a report for you to check
? Be aware that the report will not be generated immediately, it can take several hours to be
? Ignore information at the beginning of the template and assignment information such as the
headings you have been asked to use that will be common to all assignments
? Pay attention to any highlighted content in your response for each item. Check any material
identified as possible plagiarism and review it to either improve paraphrasing or check it has
been appropriately acknowledged as a direct quote and/or referenced.
A word of caution when using SafeAssign.