On the ‘About this Portfolio’ page you are to copy and paste a rationale explaining what your portfolio is about to your prospective audience and why you have designed and structured it the way you have. The structure of your portfolio is to be supported by a rationale that includes:

1. A discussion of the subject readings on the use and structure of professional portfolios
2. A critique/discussion of sample ePortfolios found by you ) and how they may have influenced the development of your Professional Portfolio
3. Clarification of how position requirements and developmental needs of beginning and experienced registered nurses may have influenced your proposed structure and design
4. Explanation of how the NMBA Continuing Professional Development Registration Standards influenced your structure.

This is an example im giving to make it easy I need something like this ,

This is probably going to be my longest post for Explore yet!
Although the life of a student nurse has “no rest for the wicked”, I have some time off now to reflect on my time at uni so far…
Looking back on it now, it seems amazing to think that I am in my last semester. I wonder at how I have passed so far at all…with relief. From the very first day of 8-6 lectures, my first laboratory dissection of an animal lung and the very first time I gave an injection, it all seems a little blurry. Three years have gone so fast…
With about 7 clinical practicals (pracs) under my belt and some clinical experiences in a few wards, I am still nervous about graduating at the end of this year. In less than a few months, I will no longer be the ‘student nurse’ but an RN (Registered Nurse) and it does kind of scare me!
Over my time, I have done pracs in rehabilitation, vascular, mental health, urology, endocrine, community and I’ll soon go on to another two pracs before the year is up. They have been all interesting in their own ways. Rehab, with a lot of patients from nursing homes who need help with basic activities such as walking and showering (and a lot of manual handling with hoists, slings etc)… Vascular, with a lot of wounds. I thought wounds would gross me out, but no!
I remember a client who had Compartments syndrome on his whole leg and his wound was down to the bone! Every time his heart beat, you could see small flecks of blood coming out and muscle twitching. Gory, but interesting. It was my first time seeing a Vac dressing being done by an experienced nurse and I was amazed. In case you don’t know what a Vac dressing is, or you’re medically inclined, check out the video below

Mental health was slightly draining but all the nurses I worked with were passionate, kind and helped you get though… Urology saw a lot of cases of prostrate cancer, tumours or prostrate surgery reductions and I remember the first time I assisted with catheter insertions and watched bladder irrigations… Endocrine with diabetic medications and intravenous antibodies… Boy! Going back to that was a challenge, as I had a 6-7 month break between previous pracs… I could go on and on about all the stuff I have been able to learn and have seen during my time as a student.
Although these are only a few of the places I have been, I realise there is a lot more I have not seen and I cannot wait to increase my knowledge and clinical experience when I become an RN. I am beginning to find some routines and know my way around things, but every time I do something procedural I still get a little nervous. I suppose confidence comes with time…
So many things are and have been happening, and this year is coming to an end quite quickly. Soon I will go on another prac, but at the moment the library is starting to feel like a second home to me. I have even had dinner there on a few occasions!
I am relieved to believe that I have nearly finished my degree without one cup of coffee and only a handful of all nighters… Considering how much I am always on campus, I am surprised I don’t have my own ‘private area’, study sign and all. Haha