Prison Break is a story of sacrifice, selfless love, and the complex nature of human beings. The movie aims at showing the audience how far human beings can go to protect their family and loved ones. The simple message in the series is that there comes a time where ones’ true values and principles in life are tested beyond measure.

At this point, one has to make a conscious decision to fight for things beyond his capacity. The character, Michael Scofield, who gets himself locked up in jail to free his brother who had been wrongly imprisoned is a clear evidence about this. He goes beyond his principle of good versus evil, justice versus injustice, and right versus wrong in a bid to save his brother from the executioners guillotine.

The series Prison Break first premiered in the year two thousand and five and was received with much enthusiasm by movie fanatics. Most viewers kept to their screens, determined to enjoy every minute of the show. This fanaticism was fuelled partly by the handsome character Michael Scofield and partly by the enthralling twists and turns and the suspense that made the plot both alluring and compelling at the same time. The audience keenly followed the main character’s movements. With time, the audience came to love him for his calm personality, his intelligence, and above all, his peaceful demeanor that carried him through the toughest of times. This is because he is an embodiment of a desirable person. Scofield is a planner and a master of detail. He captivates the audience with clever antics such as tattooing the blueprint of the prison on his body.

The first episode in this series is breath taking and full of suspense. Michael Scofield- a composed and determined character makes his way into the Fox River Penitentiary. He meets up with Sucre who is his cellmate. We see Sucre showing Michael around the institution. Michael joins the prison industries in this very Episode. John Abruzzi is the ringleader of the internal organ and as Michael does not want to fail, he agrees to working with this group. In this chapter, the plan seems to work out well. Michael manages to get the attention of Dr. Sara Tancredi on his side. Indeed, the weapons in his arsenal continue to increase as he interacts with jailers. After helping Henry to finalize the Mahal model, he manages to make way to where his brother was. Towards the end of this episode, Michael meets up with his brother Lincoln and he lays down the plan to him. We also learn that Michael had tattooed the Penitentiary map on his body. This looks like an elaborate and well-orchestrated plan to escape.

This particular episode is jaw dropping to the viewers. The sacrifice that Michael makes on behalf of his brother is beyond words. For him to plot for his imprisonment in order to save his brother is unfathomable to a common person. This sacrifice is a life proof of the deep ties held between these two siblings. Moreover, Michael proves that he believes in his brother’s innocence. This is drives him to the lengths of putting his life on the line to save his brother who would have been unjustly slain in the hidden walls of the prison. Michael is forced to form alliances with people in prison in order to carry out his plan. This is despite the fact that those he shared his plan with might have thwarted his plot. Michael seems to be working on faith and determination with a pinch of reality in his plan. The viewers learn that in order to succeed in life, there are many sacrifices that should be made. Moreover, uttering the terms I love you to a sibling is not merely enough, actions such as those of Michael can go a long way in proving love.