Reflect on how the roles of management and leadership differ in supporting the organization to set and achieve goals.



Please address a 1 -1.5 page(s) discussion citing the references below including references page in APA format. Note: Please use only references that have been provided and if you must w/in the last 5 years relevant to topic. Please address it from an informatics nursing view.

Think of the managers you have reported to thus far in your career. Now consider the people you have worked with or know of that you would consider leaders. Based on these experiences, what would you surmise about the responsibilities of managers and leaders and about the distinctions between these two categories in health care settings?

This week’s Learning Resources classify management and leadership (which are often confused in everyday discussion) and explain their significance for health care organizations. As you advance professionally, it is critical to understand the distinctions between management and leadership and how you can apply this knowledge for increasing effectiveness in your workplace.

To prepare:

·         Review the information in the Learning Resources.

·         Conduct additional research on your own and select at least two current, credible sources that contribute to your understanding of management and leadership.

·         Reflect on how the roles of management and leadership differ in supporting the organization to set and achieve goals.

·         Drawing upon specific examples from a current or previous practice setting, bring to mind someone who seemed to be a leader but not a manager and someone who seemed to be a manager but not a leader (generally speaking, or within a specific circumstance). Be prepared to support your assessment with specific behavioral descriptions found in the literature.

Post an analysis of how management and leadership roles differ in terms of supporting an organization to set and achieve goals. In addition, post descriptions of an individual who demonstrates leadership behaviors but not management behaviors and an individual who demonstrates management behaviors but not leadership behaviors. Provide your rationale, identifying specific characteristics of effective managers and leaders. (Note: Do not identify these individuals by name, position, or location.)



Denehy, J. (2008). Leadership characteristics. The Journal of School Nursing. 24(3). 107–110.

Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

This seminal article focuses on leadership characteristics of nurses. As you read this article, consider how the characteristics pointed out still apply to nurse leaders.

Jennings, B. M., Scalzi, C. C., Rodgers, J. D., & Keane, A. (2007). Differentiating nursing leadership and management competencies. Nursing Outlook, 55(4), 169–175.

In this foundational article, Jennings explores the similarities and differences between leadership and management competencies. The research implies that there is a growing ambiguity between the competencies required in nursing that must be addressed.

Kotterman, J. (2006). Leadership versus management: What’s the difference? Journal for Quality & Participation, 29(2), 13–17.

Kotterman examines the differences between management and leadership. He explores how an awareness of these differences provides clarity for employees because they can better equip themselves with the needed characteristics for each role.

Kumle, J., & Kelly, N. J. (2000). Leadership vs. management. Supervision61(4), 8–10.

This early work by Kumle and Kelly explored the differences between leadership and management. The authors analyzed which method is the most effective when applied in a team-based

Marker, D. (2010). Leadership or management? Management Quarterly, 51(2), 31–34.

This article defines what leadership and management are and explains differences between the concepts. According to Marker, managers are associated with position and power, while leadership is associated with position, guidance, and communication.

Zaleznik, A. (2004). Managers and leaders: Are they different? Harvard Business Review82(1), 74–81.

Zaleznik addresses the challenges of finding good managers and developing good leaders in business. He states that both are vital to the survival of any business; however, finding and retaining both good managers and leaders is often difficult because of an organization’s policies.



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