Review the Case Study: A Love Triangle, located on page 472 of your text. Next, determine the two (2) most serious issues that the administrator of this facility is presented with in this complicated case.

Take a position on whether the facility holds any accountability for Nancy’s pregnancy in this case. Provide a rationale for your position.

Summarize the lesson(s) this facility’s administrator and staff should learn from this case. Next, suggest one (1) change to this facility’s human resources policies in order to increase the efficiency of staff monitoring of residents. Provide a rationale for your suggestion.

Case Study

A Love Triangle

Contributed by Elizabeth A. Berzas, PhD, MHA, FACHE, and Jacqueline Shellington, LCSW

Located in Opelousas, Louisiana (population 15,000), Maison de Fontenot is a 100-bed nursing home, the only such facility in the greater Evangeline Parish area. The facility’s large activity center is sometimes made available for meetings to some of the local civic organizations. On these occasions, members of the community also take the time to interact with the residents; several visit with family or friends living in the facility. Some of them also volunteer at the facility.

Joseph Vidrine

Joseph is a 66-year-old resident of the facility. He was admitted to Fontenot a little over a year ago after he had suffered several minor strokes. He requires close monitoring and some assistance with dressing and bathing, but is able to get around independently. Joseph is from Mamou, a rural community that has limited long-term care services. Hence, his sister decided that Fontenot would be the best place to meet his needs. Joseph never married but had a few long-term relationships over the course of his life. He participates in several activities and helps out with minor chores at the facility. He also enjoys transporting residents in wheelchairs to and from the dining room. Joseph is personable, outgoing, and friendly.

Phyllis Landry

Phyllis was born and raised in Opelousas and has never lived anywhere else. She is an attractive and vivacious 70-year-old woman who has been living in the nursing home for the past 5 years, ever since she was widowed. Her husband died of complications in the aftermath of an automobile accident. Phyllis is a severe diabetic and has some cardiac issues resulting from her diabetes that had remained uncontrolled before she was admitted to Fontenot. Otherwise, she is alert, oriented, and mobile. She needs assistance with her insulin injections, monitoring of her heart condition, and treatment of occasional minor bruises. After the loss of her husband, she had no source of income and had to go on Medicaid. She is alone, with no children or relatives living nearby. Phyllis is an outgoing individual. Many of the male residents find her attractive, but she has not expressed an interest in other men since her husband’s death. She does miss having a man to take care of her, though. Before moving into Fontenot, Phyllis was an active member of the community. Now she enjoys helping out at birthday parties and other social activities held at the nursing home.

Joseph and Phyllis became friendly during BINGO games when Joseph would pay more attention to her game than his own and make her win. Gradually, they found themselves physically and emotionally attracted to each other. Joseph feels that Phyllis needs him because she had once stated that she liked men who take charge, which reminded her of her late husband. Joseph and Phyllis have started spending more and more time together. Now they commonly refer to each other as boyfriend and girlfriend. From time to time they get into arguments when Phyllis feels he is ignoring her or when Joseph believes she is not following his advice.

Nancy Leblanc