Submission details: Refer to Submission RequirementsMarking Criteria and Standards: See page 29-32Aim of AssessmentWrite an essay demonstrating critical analysis and synthesis of the principles of leadership as appliedto practice.

The purpose of this assessment item is to provide you with an opportunity to explore theimpact of leadership on an area of interest from clinical practice; to critically analyse the relatedliterature, and to demonstrate a critical understanding of the impact of leadership on clinical practice.You may use parts of the content from your Assessment 2 Part A Paraphrase to support yourdiscussion if relevant.


Essay Question

Identify a current issue in your workplace you believe requires change. Identify anddiscuss the leadership attributes and skills you will draw upon to effect change.When writing your essay you are required to provide a:• Succinct overview of the issue and its’ context• Critical analysis of the issue and why change is required• Critical discussion of the barriers to change• Critical discussion of the leadership attributes and skills required to facilitate and evaluate thechange process and outcomesTo prepare and write Assessment 2 Part B essay effectively, you should ensure that your essay is:• Well researched – you must refer to AT LEAST: ten (10) relevant and current sources to supportyour ideas including articles from peer reviewed journals identified from relevant electronicdatabases such as CINAHL and MEDLINE, recommended text books and relevant texts fromlibrary shelves.400235 – Leadership in Clinical PracticeLearning Guide – Autumn 2014©School of Nursing and Midwifery Page 13 of 32University of Western Sydney• Logically structured – you should organise your response following the conventional essay formatthat comprises an introduction, a body and a conclusion.In the introductory paragraph, introduce those aspects related to the topic you will discuss, andpresent a thesis statement which clarifies your position on the topic and outlines the main points thatsupport this claim.In the body paragraphs, you should develop your position on the topic and support your ideas withevidence (e.g. references to authorities in the field, explanations and / or examples from your ownexperiences or observations). You should also ensure your paragraphs are logically sequenced andshow clear paragraph structure, the main idea is introduced in the topic sentence then explained andelaborated in supporting sentences, there should be clear links between ideas both within andbetween paragraphs.In the concluding paragraph (about 10%), restate your thesis, summarise the main points thatsupport this, and conclude with a final statement on the topic.• Accurately referenced – you MUST:d) Acknowledge all the sources of information within the essay (in-text referencing) and in aReference List at the end of your essay.e) Ensure you have created a reference list not a bibliography. A bibliography contains allreadings done in preparation for writing an essay. However, only material that is cited in textin your assignment should appear in the final reference list. References must be correctlyand adequately given in the American Psychological Association (APA) (6 th ed.) referencingstyle as per the University of Western Sydney (2011) American Psychological Associationreferencing style guide, which is available from: Use of non-academic literature is not acceptable. Further, it is not acceptable to copy anyinformation from other sources, including Websites or other electronic sources, otherstudents, books, journals, etc. and present it as your own work please see StudentAcademic Misconduct policy:• Appropriately expressed – you should write clearly using a formal academic style, and ensuregrammatical accuracy.

3.4. Submission requirementsAll assignments must be submitted by the due date and time as specified in this document.Complete your assignment and submit your electronic copy as per the instructions below; (do notsubmit an assignment via Australia Post):FormatAll assignments are to be typed.Typing must be according to the following format and printed on one side of the paper only. Required format:Length: as designated by assignment3 cm left and right marginsDouble SpacedFont: Arial or Times New RomanFont size: 12ptAll borrowings from other sources must be properly referenced and a reference list must be included at the