The Effect of Video Games depends upon personal makeup. Video Games are like much of mass media in that personal background and family determine the effects. Rather than a simple mechanism of violent video games = negative effects, the process is strongly influenced by personal mental makeup, choices in usage and family background. Many people choose to play video games for positive reasons such as challenging themselves to learn a complex system, to have a topic of conversation with friends, or to explore a new skill area.

This is a critical point to make when discussing video game effects and the reason that the simple ideas about violence simply don’t work.A. Top selling video games include a range going from single-shooter games to more socially responsible ones such as The Sims. Most popular video games 2017. A top seller is sports games, such as the Wii with tennis, bowling and others. Women especially choose Wii games and others that are less focused on violence. Top female games.1. 1. B. Complex video games can increase user concentration and the processing skills needed. Many games can take up to 100 hours to learn the system, it’s rules and levels, and work though it. A positive of this is that it teaches users to see mistakes as learning segments, and to search for different methods of problem-solving that encourages creativity. The complexity of games allow you to choose to be good or evil, to explore the differences in behaviors, which allows you to see consequences and even empathize with multiple other views. The popularity of multiple-player games makes the games more a social gathering rather than reinforcement of negative personal traits. The positive effects of this are seen in users at all ages, even in Nursing Home Players. 2. 2. C. If a negative effect of playing video games was prevalent, it would have shown up more after more than a decade of millions playing violent games. Research that has been conducted on effects has not demonstrated a clear link at all. This lack of evidence was a strong factor in the Supreme Court overturning in 2011 a California ban on renting violent video games to minors because of the presumed lack of affect.D. Critics of video games tend to promote a pre-existing bias not based on solid research support. Much of the complaints are simple content analysis, measuring what is seen as if the effect of that is certain. This type of proof by implication was previously seen in the comic book scare by Dr. Frederick Wertham who claimed that comic books caused violence in youth. It is this kind of simple cause-effect argument that is used to claim that video games cause violence. It is appealing to be able to confidently proclaim, after one of the regular school shootings in America, that the cause was “he spent a lot of time alone, playing Doom and Duke Nukem for hours at a time.” Instead, these events are often a result of serious mental illness unconnected to video games directly.E. The most persuasive argument on video game concerns is that producers, and users, must consider these “least capable”, mentally unstable audiences when thinking of possible harmful effects of their products. Other media products, such as children’s television programming, has minor regulation, such as not promoting smoking by characters, designed to limit harmful effects.Question: Since there is no conclusive evidence that violence in video games makes users violent, the onus shifts to you to determine how to use them well. Describe, in your personal experience, if you have noticed any negative effects of video games, even temporary ones, that could possibly be described as increasing violent tendencies or thoughts. Purchase the answer to view it