The mission of the Human Resources Department is to advance the overall mission of the Mafraq Hospital through ensuring we have effective acquisition, retention, and support and provide quality, customer-driven human resources services.

HR services achieves its mission by providing an organizational framework to recruit the qualified applicants, compensate, develop and reward the diverse workforce, while ensuring an environment the optimized productivity, efficiency and effectivenessÂ’.

Recruitment Process
1. Purpose:
To define and streamline the process of the Recruitment Activities at Mafraq Hospital and to ensure that vacancies are filled with suitable candidates in a timely and efficient manner to serve the Mafraq Hospital Staffing needs and requirements
2. Scope:
This process applies to all recruitment activities for Medical/ Nursing/ Allied Health Professional and Administration positions for Mafraq Hospital.
3. Target Audience:
All new hires applying for a job at Mafraq Hospital.

4.1 It is the responsibility of the Recruitment Section to ensure availability of approved Manpower Budget for all Departments, CVs data base (ERP Oracle), Standard Forms, Job Descriptions, Skills Checklists, Departmental Profile and list of approved Recruitment Agencies.
4.2 It is the responsibility of the HOD/LM to identify the available vacancy due to new post/replacement. Then to fill in the RRF and ensure that it is submitted to the Recruitment Section 3 months prior to the need to fill the vacancy or as soon as the vacancy becomes known.

5.1 Upon authorization to fill a vacant position (RRF), the Recruitment Section will chick in Oracle to ensure position available within budget. The Recruitment Section will review the Vacancy information and identify the best approach to the task of filling the position (In line with the HR policies & Procedures).
5.2 All vacant/new positions have to be advertised internally within Mafraq& other SEHA facilities first and whenever deemed necessary and before seeking candidates from outside the organization (Deadline for any advertisement should not be more than 2 weeks). If unable to find suitable candidates within Mafraq/SEHA then recruiter can go ahead and look for external candidates.
5.3 It is the policy to interview not less than 3 candidates for each position and not less than 6 candidates if interviews are conducted overseas, exceptions for those hard to fill positions.
5.4 It is the policy that All Health Professionals should undergo HAAD exams (if applicable) prior to submit their files for approval.

5.5 It is the policy that all candidatesÂ’ credentials have to be verified and obtain the Primary Source Verification (PSV) according to HAAD requirements and SEHA hiring criteria
5.6 It is the policy that all candidates have to be approved by the HAAD and SEHA prior to their hiring (if applicable).
5.7 It is the policy that interviews should be conducted in compliance with HAAD regulations and SEHA HR policy.
5.8 It is a policy that the Employment Application shall be kept in the Human Resources/Recruitment Section data base for 12 months after which keeping such information shall be considered as insignificant.
6.1 Upon receipt of approved RRFs, the Recruitment Section will advertise all vacancies internally when deemed necessary before considering external applicants.
6.2 The Recruitment Section will send suitable CVs (internal posting/CV database) that meets PQR to HOD/LM for review. A list of CVs to be attached; as many as possible.
6.3 The HOD /LM will send the feedback & comments within 3-5 working days. Justification
should be given for non-shortlisted candidates.
6.4 Those who are not shortlisted, to send Regret letter to them.
6.5 The Recruitment Section will arrange written exams / Interviews for shortlisted candidates as per SEHA/HAAD policy.
6.6 A letter of regret to be sent to those who are not recommended or fail exam.
6.7 The Recruitment Section will submit the recommended files for Admin candidates to SEHA for further approval (whenever applicable).
6.8 If disapproved by SEHA, a letter of regret to be sent to the candidates.
6.9 Once the interview panel selects the suitable candidates for the position, the Recruitment Section will send the Provisional Offer, collate full-file as per HAAD and SEHA required documents.
6.10 Once received the complete file, the Recruitment Section will generate the PDF for the Hospital Internal Approval.
6.11 The Recruitment Section/Candidates will submit the Qualifications, Licenses and Current Certificate of Services for Primary Source Verifications to the designated company by HAAD.
6.12 Regret letters to be sent to those whom received negative response