The purpose of the Position Paper is to provide students with the opportunity to identify and critique the ethical claims, principles, arguments and relevant facts involved in a major ethical issue in health care and to formulate a well-reasoned personal position on the topic.

To complete this assignment, students will select a topic from the list of suggested topic options. Alternate topics may be proposed based upon the student’s interests, but such topics must be approved by the course instructor prior to the start of the project research.
The paper is to be 6 to 8 pages in total length excluding the cover page and reference list. Because this assignment is intended to facilitate an unbiased and thorough assessment of the selected topic, students may use first-person narrative only in the final section of the paper reflecting the individual personal position about the topic.
At minimum, the paper must address and will be evaluated for the following required elements. These elements must be noted in the narrative with proper APA section headers.
This assignment is due in Week 7.
Topic Introduction: (1 page) (10 pts) Physician assisted suicide
Each of the topics in the suggested topic options list is intentionally broad. In order to render the project more manageable, students must narrow the focus to ONE specific controversy inherent in the selected topic. This section of the paper must clearly identify that controversy and provide enough background information, including definitions, to allow the reader to identify the issues. The topic introduction should flow logically into the following section which deals with the practical problem and ethical questions.
All sources used must be properly cited and referenced with proper APA format.
Statement of the Problem and Ethical Issues/Questions (1/2 page) (15 pts)
This section should include a clearly defined problem statement as well as a range of ethical issues to be dealt with in the analysis. Include one primary ethical question and no more than four secondary questions. Remember, each ethical question should clearly identify its ethical foundation. Refer back to the Ethical Questions Case Sheet for guidance as necessary.
Include a list of ethical principles and theories to be used in the analysis. This list should include, at the very least, the principles or theories reflected in each of the ethical questions. Each principle and theory should be clearly defined.
The introduction of arguments/counter-arguments should be avoided in this section.
Bulleted lists, adequately labeled by component (problem statement, ethical issues, ethical questions, etc.), are acceptable in this section.
Arguments (2 pages) (25 pts)
This section of the paper will be used to create cogent arguments about the selected topic in direct response to the problem statement and ethical issues identified in the topic introduction. A bulleted list may be used to present arguments in this section. Each argument should include the use of at least one ethical principle or theory as applied to the given argument. Be sure to use a range of ethical principles AND theories.
Arguments should directly respond to the problem statement and answer pertinent ethical questions posed in the introduction. All arguments should be well-supported and unbiased. All statements of fact must be properly supported with information from the literature (including proper in-text citations and reference entries).
Counter-Arguments (2 pages) (25 pts)
Because the analysis is intended to facilitate a well-balanced presentation of the issues, it is also important to include at least one counter-argument for each of the initial arguments. Counter-arguments should point out the weaknesses of initial arguments and should examine the circumstances under which one might abandon or otherwise alter the initial position. All counter-argument should reflect how a particular theory or principle can be applied to refute original arguments. A bulleted list may be used to present arguments in this section. All counter-arguments should include relevant sources in support of the viewpoints taken on this side of the debate. Be sure to include in-text citations and reference entries in proper APA format.
Personal Position (1 page) (15 pts)