They?re still a solid color. I?m going to look at my napkin and be like great, I have a folded red napkin.

Complete the Key Elements of Conflict activity.
Discuss using your own words with 75 to 100 or more word count.
? Key Elements of Conflict
? Activity Transcript
Transcript below
Prom Planners
So I have a great idea for the theme of our prom.
Tell us.
It will be Christmas in July. What do you think?
It will be like we can all like get fake snow, the whole idea.
Just, guys, before we get into the meat of this, I just want to throw something out there. The budget committee has yet to approve our funding.
So there goes your fake snow. Sorry. I really, I really want to do like famous couples. A lot of famous couples. I mean people can get dressed up any way they want. They can pick from any time period. It?s a really diverse way of bringing everybody together and I just think that?s the most important thing is that we?re taking a diverse group and putting it together.
Well, that?s great and see we combine the two, so we?ve got famous couples and Christmas in July. Who is a more famous couple than Mr. & Mrs. Claus?
No we don?t need to do Christmas in July. Honest, no.
No I think it?s great. I think this could work together. I think it would really creative.
No, no. How many famous couples do you know have Christmas in July?
Oh, plenty of them.
I mean let?s think about the realisticness of this.
Oh come on.
It?s really stupid.
I know but it?s creative, it?s new, it?s fresh.
You know what, it doesn?t matter what kind of dance we have, it it?s couples or July or couples in July, I mean we have, we have no budget. It has to be very simple.
This is our last dance. What do you mean it doesn?t matter what we have for our last dance?
Because it?s just?it?s a dance and we have no budget we should all just enjoy each other?s company;
We could have costumes donated.
And, and, and we can make snow. It?s real easy.
Oh, no, enough. We don?t have to make snow. The couples is fine. I don?t know why you?re making such a big deal.
See, minus the snow, we can still make costumes and we can all just pull from our own wardrobes. Boom! Famous couples. Bonnie & Clyde; you have it all.
It?s not like, it?s not like I?m hooked on the idea.
The drama department I?m sure will donate.
It?s fine. I think, I think we?re all laying out some really good ideas.
I don?t think any one is better than the other but I
They?re all equal.
They?re all equal and, you know, I
I disagree. I just think there?s one way to go on that and that?s bringing people together.
Everyone involved in this: top notch, all around.

Prom Planners: three hours later
Actually, my uncle?s kid just had a Bot mitzvah and I can, or Bar mitzvah, and we can steal the napkins from that.
Oh, bring them, yeah.
They were red. It?s perfect.
That?s it? Just red? And that?s supposed to signify a circus. We need something with pictures on it. Clowns, you know
zoo animals.
Yeah, totally.
We can have that too. That will work.
But, I mean, just red, well just, it?s just boring.
Well, I think we?ll just
It doesn?t bring any life to what the table has to offer.
Yeah, I was thinking
what you can do here is you can take
Yeah, but people are going to wipe their mouths with those.
You can take the red napkins. They don?t need to have animals on them. They can be shaped as animals; shaped as circus tents. So then, discount napkins?animals. We made something
But there?s still a solid color.
We made something new everybody likes.
They?re still a solid color. I?m going to look at my napkin and be like great, I have a folded red napkin.
You?re right. I don?t even know if I can get them.
folded like a lion.
I think
That people are just going to tear it apart. They?re not even going to see it.
Exactly. They?re going to tear it apart. It doesn?t matter what color they are, what shape they?re in, as long as they have something to wipe their mouths off. Next topic, the ice ring. Who?s making the ice ring?
I?ll do it.
I thought we decided not to have the ice ring.

Discuss in your own words. 75 to 100 0r more word count.

According to an article posted by a New Jersey professor; “In every situation, you have three choices as to how you should behave; assertive, nonassertive (aka passive), and aggressive. Although assertive behavior can be one of the healthiest methods to maintain personal self-esteem and foster healthy relationships with others, it may not always be the best choice. Certain situations, particularly those that are threatening to personal or emotional safety may demand nonassertive or aggressive behavior”.

We must know and understand all three behavioral options and choose which one is appropriate to use during situations. When you placed in a situation, do you process the situation before you speak or react?

Discuss video in 75 to 100-word count.

Films Media Group (2006). Teamwork and Collaboration (02:21) From Title: Commitment: Patients, Professionalism, and Boundaries?Ethical Issues in Nursing.