This assignment is worth 50% of your final grade.Vaccines are one of public health’s greatest triumphs. Millions of people can be immunized to prevent or reduce the incidence and spread of infectious disease. Global immunization even opens the possibility of eradicating certain diseases.

Yet, underlying their great potential to prevent or reduce disease is the challenge of getting vaccines to all who need them. “Disease Warriors” chronicles the groundbreaking work of 19th century researchers, such as the famed scientist Louis Pasteur, who discovered that germs cause illness and developed some of the first vaccines—one of public health’s greatest triumphs. Today, vaccines have made great strides against disease. While certain diseases are preventable or can be reduced with vaccines, “Disease Warriors” makes clear that the world still faces major challenges in getting vaccines to all who need them. Excerpt PBS Rx for Survival
Assignment Instructions: This assignment requires that you watch the PSB documentary “Rx for Survival: Disease Warriors.”
Watch the entire film. You may have to watch it several times in order to answer the questions.
1. Structure your paper in outline form, using the exact outline given in this assignment. The paper itself does not need to be in APA format, but any references in text must be in APA format, and there must be a reference section in APA format at the end of the paper. Failure to use the outline form or to use proper APA format for citations/references will reduce your grade.
2. This assignment will require that you answer specific questions designed to assess your understanding of the movie, the disorder, and concepts/theory from the course. You will have to do research and integrate your findings into the paper for specific questions. Failure to answer each question thoroughly and to integrate research to support the answer will reduce your grade.
3. Format your paper by using the outline provided below. Do not include the questions on your final paper.
4. You may use ONLY credible web sites for your research and the textbook for this course.
5. Any information you gather from any source MUST be put your own words and properly cite the website in APA format. Failure to do so will result in failure on the assignment. You must NOT cut & paste from websites, you must put any information you find in your own words.
6. This assignment MUST be submitted to Any document with an originality report above 40% will receive a zero (0), the student may fail the course, and thestudent may be brought up on charges of Academic Misconduct.
8. All papers must be in Microsoft Word, spell-checked and grammatically correct. You grade will be reduced for spelling and grammatical errors.
9. Your grade on this assignment is based on your competence at demonstrating your knowledge of the film, your competence at integrating research from the provided sources, and your competence at following the directions and requirements of the assignment.
I. “Disease Warriors” and Epidemiology
1. Summarize the documentary “Disease Warriors.” Give a full description of the coverage of the documentary, and state briefly the “take-away” message it gives.
2. Recall and review the specific researchers profiled and describe their work and contributions.
3. Based on the movie and your own further research