This assignment will require the student to research, develop, and write a paper that provides general information about diabetes and specific information related to the patient portrayed in the case study.

The paper is to reflect individual work, without collaboration, and is due by 0830 June 24, 2015
Papers submitted after that time will receive a five point deduction.
Five points will also be deducted for each additional day the case study is late including weekend days.
This assignment is worth 7% of the total course grade.

A. Topic: Diabetes Mellitus, a chronic illness that complicates hospitalizations. This assignment provides a chance to research, learn, and understand a disease that has reached epidemic proportions in this country. Each student will receive a case study assignment.

B. Mechanics
1. Format: The case study should be typed, Times New Roman font, size 12 (except for medication box which will need to be 10 to fit the boxes), and should not exceed 8 pages, excluding title page and references. Use the box template provided in the sample paper. Information in the boxes may be in bullet formation; information not in boxes should be in complete sentences and in APA format. No abstract is needed. Utilize accurate APA guidelines for references. APA formatting resources:

APA Publication Manual (6th Edition) [available in the bookstore and the LRC]LRC and English Tutors (available at Beaufort & New River) They will review/proofread your paper and aid with formatting.
Perdue OWL website:
2. References: Use APA format for citing references within the body of the paper and on the reference page. References must be recent; no more than five years old and from US based publications. A minimum of three (3) references (Evidence Based Practice journal articles) in addition to your textbooks must be used.
3. The student should be identified only by student identification number on the title page.
4. Use correct spelling and grammar and a logical flow of ideas. Do not use first person.
5. Plagiarism is unacceptable. Plagiarism occurs when credit is not given to the author or source of information, ie. when references are not cited appropriately. Plagiarism will result in an automatic zero for the assignment.
6. Limit of two (2) direct quotes (information in medication boxes and for lab values do not count as direct quotes). Do not quote your nursing instructors.

C. The following guidelines should be used in your paper and are used for grading criteria.

See page 2 for grading criteria.

Datatel Number ________________

NUR 155 Contemporary Nursing Practice I
Case Study Assignment – The Patient with Diabetes Mellitus

C. The following guidelines should be used in your paper and are used for grading criteria.

Turn in this grading sheet AND a copy of your case study with your paper.
Please place this page on the top, then your case study, then your paper.
Grading Criteria Total Points Comments
1. Explain the pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus and most common treatments. 10
2. Identify the differences and commonalities in Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes. 10

3. List major signs & symptoms of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes (at least 5 each). 5
4. Explain the pathophysiology of acute and chronic complications of hyperglycemia. 10

Using YOUR assigned case study:
5. Discuss influences of psychosocial (Erickson’s developmental stage), cultural and spiritual beliefs on the disease process. 6

a) Describe the admitting diagnosis and its
relationship to diabetes. 5

b) Explain how the abnormal physical findings are related to
c) Explain medications, abnormal lab values and treatments
from the case study. Relate data to the patient.