This is business plan; it has to be written according to instructions. And use the actual plan templet that is attached. 2500 words required.
Those are the core area that you have to focus on:-Lack of leadership,Quality care (medication error, and patient fall, patient care),Budget and Human resources.

The references that have to used are Australian nursing standrads, international council of nursing standards and Australian collage of operating room nurses
Instruction and guidlines
Summary of the key issues
In this section you need to identify the key issues that you have found reading the case study and present them in a summary form that executives will read and take notice.
Analysis of the situation
What is the health service unit achieving and what are the opportunities for improvement?
Are there areas that could be improved in the pre-service, service delivery or after service areas?
What needs corrective actions
If there are areas for improvement what recommendations would you make regarding the identified areas?
Financial Analysis – variance management to state what was budgeted and what actually occurred. Include in this section what you would recommend to change negative variances.
Development of an implementation plan
In this section you are required to develop an implementation plan that address areas that you have identified need improvement. In this section you should expand on your recommendation and provided scholarly references that support the course of action that you have suggested.
Benchmarks to measure success
This area should include how the health service unit will know that it has achieved success and how does this ranking against other units.
The conclusion should be a short summary of your analysis highlighting the key points. It is important not to introduce any new concepts or findings. This section identifies that the proposed implementation plan will address any areas requiring attention or improvement.
Gain an Overview of the Case.
This is achieved by reading the case to gain an understanding of the main issues, events and problems.
Establish What has Happened. Note what has happened in detail.Try to establish the who, what, where and when of the situation. See if any of the theories or knowledge you have studied applied i.e. leadership, budget, quality .Determine the Causes. Assess each issue and determine why it has happened:Leadership issues may relate to the unit not achieving the required objectives, staff morale problemsQuality issues high infection rates or low patient satisfaction. No clinical guidelines
Budget – an overspend or not using budget allocation appropriately

Develop Possible Solutions
After considering what has happened and why you should develop a number of possible solutions.
Clarify the major problem or problems in the case.Develop solutions be considered, Select the solutions you feel that will :prevented what has already happened AGAIN,correct the present situation,avoid similar problems in the future. Evaluate the generated Solutions. Thoroughly consider each possible solution detailing exactly what would need to be done to implement it.In the detailing process, you should note any constraints or impediments that are likely to make it difficult or impossible to implement any of the possible solutions,The constrains may be financial, technological, physical facilitates or human resources.
Formulate Recommendations.
Finally, you should now be in a position to recommend exactly what should be done to the executive to correct the problem or problems identified.
The recommended solution may be one of those considered previously, or some combination of particular solutions that is most likely to work, given the circumstances.
In making this final recommendation, a comprehensive view of the situation should be taken.
A preferred solution, for example, should not create more problems in other work sections than it solves in the work section being studied. In some cases it may be best to try relatively simple and inexpensive solutions first, with a contingency plan to try more elaborate solutions if the first ones fail.
Developing Action Plans