What Business Principles are Associated with Patient and System Cost?This week?s discussion board will focus on how financing relates to the health care system. For this assignment I will serve the role as a nurse manager. Three business principles as discussed in the Greg Fisher power point will be presented.

These principles are directly correlated with maintaining safe, quality, patient centered care that is fiscally sound. The three principles that I have chosen include: Always maintain your integrity in everything you do, set goals and go after them and persevere through the tough times

The three business principles were chosen because they are all in line with my beliefs and values that I hold as a Registered Nurse. Beliefs, values, and morals go a long way in the healthcare profession. We are all called upon and choose this profession for many different reasons. Taking care of patients and being able to provide them with quality care requires moral and consideration for those who are being cared for. It is not just simply helping people. Often the people that we are caring for are vulnerable. Our government is obligated to protect citizens and so this explains why the nursing profession is regulated (Mason, Gardner, Outlaw, & O’Grady, 2016). Patients who are unable to advocate for themselves need protection and by having regulation in the profession this helps to maintain safe, quality, care.

Maintaining integrity in everything that you do requires honesty and trust. As a nurse manager it is my responsibility to see that those who are working for me are trustworthy and able to maintain a safe environment for the patients and families that we serve. It is also my responsibility to screen staff and monitor and maintain proper credentialing. Nurses have a moral and ethical obligation to maintain patient safety (Nursing World, 2016). Patients rely on nursing professionals to help keep them safe and deliver care that far surpasses any other they have received. Nursing professionals that are educated have the knowledge and skills that leads to safe quality patient centered care (Baid & Hargreaves, 2015).

Persevering through the tough times can be difficult to accomplish. As a nurse manager my role is to not only help maintain all the necessary day to day, but help staff remain engaged and realize that every day is not going to be easy. I believe that the tough times are what build our character as individuals. Everyone goes through difficult times, but being able to continue to push forward and provide safe, quality, care regardless of what is going on says a lot. Providing care for others requires a level of sacrifice. Nurses are often pushed to work harder due to increased demands and high patient acuity. My role as a nurse manager requires me to maintain a budget and make cuts where they are needed; this is not easy particularly when dealing with others money. Pushing through and balancing a budget requires perseverance because there may be times when staff may not get raises or cuts must be made to financially move forward.

Setting goals is something that is important to be successful. Once the goals have been set they must be followed in order to achieve the ultimate end results. As a nurse manager goal setting is important for the business practice. Providing safe, quality, patient centered care requires goal setting and then going after those goals so that the end result can be met. Taking into account feedback from patient surveys to keeping the budget balanced requires goals to be set so that driven results can be provided.

The business principles that I have chosen could stand to be better in my facility. Integrity does not seem to be an issue. All the professionals that I work with are trustworthy hardworking and honest people. I don?t think they would have been hired otherwise. Setting goals could use some help. For example, process improvement seems to be an issue at my facility. Leadership suggests that they are always looking for ways for better patient flow and turnover for procedure rooms, but when staff make suggestions there is always an excuse for why is would not work that way. Implementing a better way to set goals, for example writing them down and giving them a try before saying it is not going to work would be a better solution. Maybe suggest trying a new process for a specific set amount of time would be helpful. I do not believe that all of my coworkers are willing to persevere through tough times. There seems to be an attitude that if I don?t get my way than I will go somewhere else. I feel that this is a personal trait that someone either has or does not have. Perseverance requires a strong person with a willing to want to push forward and not give up. Making employees feel valued can be tough, but the one thing that might help is coming up with ways to implement a more positive work attitude through team building exercises. I feel that the business principles that I have chosen are important in healthcare because they help facilitate proper business practices that lead to better outcomes in the end which lead to safe, patient centered care that is fiscally sound.