What key marketing strategies will you use?
How will you get compliance of patients, staff, the board, or referral services?

health care marketing business plan project (bethesda)

Paper Details develop a marketing business plan for a healthcare organization of your choice either for-profit or not-profit HCO. where you choose a new product or service to market for a specific target market. not including the cover page.

The first step in choosing a product or service is to decide what type of health care organization you would be interested in marketing for.
There are many types of HCOs-nursing homes, assisted living facilities, hospitals, clinics, community health centers, acute care hospitals, home health agencies, managed care organizations, etc.

Once you have chosen the type of HCO you will market for, then comes the decision of whether you want to market a new product or service.
Try to make the product or service as original as possible.

The outline for the business plan is located in the syllabus
More information is in the textbook on pages 452-479.

About the Executive Summary:
a summary of the planning issue , which includes a new product, new service opportunity, or process improvement issue.
A future –oriented, two page document demonstrating knowledge of the issue and provides the prospective value
What to include in the Executive Summary:
An introduction to your business plan which involves a discussion of the new service opportunity, cost saving measure, or process improvement.
Marketing Highlights:
Make a list of the distinctive features by answering these questions:
a. What is the real value regardless of the type of project?
b. What will the product/service save the organization in dollars? (estimated guess, doesn’t have to be accurate)
Ex: What savings or profits will it generate by improving efficiency? Or what saving or profits will it generate by developing a new

Targeting Market Summary: Answer the following questions:
Who is your target market?
Who benefits from this plan?
Is the market internal, external, or both?
Competitive Analysis (if a new service opportunity)
Who else is doing it?
Provide a competitive analysis
Key Marketing Strategies-See Chapter 2
What key marketing strategies will you use?
How will you get compliance of patients, staff, the board, or referral services?
Operational Highlights
Are there any critical legal or regulatory constraints?-See Chapter 3
Intermediary Concerns or Issues
Are there any noteworthy issues with referrals or other entities?

Marketing Mix-Pricing
New Services/Products in which you have discretion to set price
What to you include?
Pricing considerations:
Low, medium, or high
Customer perception of value
Will there be discounting?
What type of pricing strategies will you use?
See Chapter9-Price

I. Service Delivery Plan
•Outlines the method by which your service will be delivered to clients or customers
•Outlines the critical points in the clinical service delivery process
What to include:
Service delivery methodology: what methods will your organization use to deliver services-this can be an outline
Flow Chart of delivery service, delivery sequence, and timing requirements
II. Human Resources
What to include:
Organizational Structure/staffing plan:
•Clinical (full time vs. part time)
•Non-clinical (full time vs. part time)
•Job descriptions-brief
•Roles and responsibilities-brief

Discuss the challenges in developing your Health Care Marketing Business plan.
Other Information:
Be creative by incorporating graphics, pictures, graphs, charts, etc
APA format still apply so make sure to support and properly cite
Use appropriate headings (level 1, 2, 3)
Also, don’t forget to have a Table of Contents which should be before the Executive Summary
See the next slide for the Grading Rubric
Enjoy doing this project, it is not complicated but shows what goes into marketing in health care.