What type of research design is being used? Is it appropriate to answer the author?s research question(s)

Paper details:

Please follow the instructions. It should be strict APA format 6th edition. Please write critique of attached study. total of 6 pages. Please remember to include supporting course readings and published literature.

course readings:
Polit, D.F. & Beck, C.T. (2012). Nursing Research: Generating and Assessing Evidence. Philadelphia,
PA: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

Polit, D.F (2010). Statistics and Data Analysis for Nursing Research (2nd ed.). Boston, MA:Pearson

I. Title 5 points
? Does the title clearly concisely represent the content of the study?
II. Abstract 5 points

? Does the abstract justly represent the summary of the purpose, method, results, and conclusions of the study?
III. Introduction 15 points
? Does the author clearly state the problem being investigated?
? Is the problem introduced promptly?
? Has the problem been substantiated with adequate background and need for the study?
? Does the author clearly state the importance of the study?
? Is the problem adequately substantiated with background literature and a clear, logical argument for the need for the study.
? Does the author explain the theoretical rationale underlying the study?
? Are the terms of the problem defined both conceptually and operationally?
? Do the research questions or the hypotheses directly answer the research problem?
? Is it clear how the study will extend previous research findings?

IV. Methods 15 points
? What type of research design is being used? Is it appropriate to answer the author?s research question(s)
? What are the variables being studied? Is measurement of the variables reliable?
? Who are the subjects? How many were there? How were the subjects selected? How many were there and was there a suffici??????ent number? Was the sample size adequate to answer the questions/address hypotheses? What were the sample criteria?
? What was the sequence of events? Is the study described in sufficient detail so that it could be duplicated?
? What are the methods of collecting the data? Are these methods appropriate? Do they actually obtain data the investigator seeks?
? Is the investigator specific regarding validity and reliability of the measures?
? What sort of human subject?s protection or consent was used?
V. Results 15 points
? What data analysis was employed? Are they appropriate for the research design?
? Are the analyses reported clearly related to each research question?
? Are the tables, graphs and/or figures clearly presented? Did the author rely on the figures to report the data? Did the author supply sufficient data to allow the reader to make his/her interpretations?
VI. Discussion and Conclusion 15 points
? In the light of the research question(s), what does the data suggest?
? Does the author relate the findings to previous literature and theoretical framework?
? Does the author explain the relevance of the findings?
? Are the findings clearly stated without sweeping generalizations? Is the extent to which the results can be generalized or transferable to other populations or situations explained?
? Are the authors? conclusions based on the method and the results of this study?
? Are the weaknesses and drawbacks of the study clearly stated?
VII. Overview 20 points
? What is your overall opinion of the article?
? How could you improve the design of this research study?
? How relevant are the findings and conclusions of the article to clinical practice? Does the article contribute to the body of the scientific knowledge or to the development of the
profession? Do the findings have a meaningful application?
? What knowledge have you gained through reading the article?
? What additional questions are raised as a result of this study?
VIII. Grammar and APA Format 10 points