With the advancements in technology, it has never been easier to conduct business in the global marketplace. Although this has expanded the possibilities of where one can conduct business, it is not without its disadvantages. What are some of the issues that one faces when dealing in a global marketplace? What advice would you give to a business that wants to become international?

Respond to this… Business that would like to go international face many challenges. Everything from cybercrime, exchange rates, ethics, law, politics and the list can go on play a part wherever the company decides to place their company or production. Unless the owner is well versed in the political, ethical and culture of a location they would be wise to hire a consultant or two. A business owner can see numbers and where a particular product may be useful in an area, though how to get it there can be a bit a challenge. They must research as to how their product will affect the local culture. For example, when google and apple moved into China there was lots of resistance they were forced to make concessions to their product and block certain things. They also had to allow the government to watch everything as they did not want certain information getting to the general public. When the owner wants to expand into other countries and become global they must be willing to make concessions to that country in order for it all to work. They would also be wise to find what the ethical nature of the country is and if they agree with the practice. A good business owner will not just think about the money they can make as that should not be the bottom line (at least that is my thoughts). In the end, the global business has many challenges that they face, how they approach them can make or break the company in that area.
Question 2
answer the following questions:
• What concept(s) did you find to be the most/least enjoyable? Why?
• Which concept(s) do you think will be most applicable in your chosen career? Explain.
• Are there any concepts that you continue to struggle with that you would like more resources for before you begin your final exam?
On the response post discuss the similarities and differences among your postings.
Respond to this… The idea I find enjoyable are from module 2 and 3; the reason is that we used Z-distribution or the t-distribution to construct confidence intervals for a proportion or a mean, and we used Chi-Square distribution to create confidence interval estimates of a population standard deviation or variance. The concept(s) I think will be most applicable in my nursing career I think are, Hypothesis testing, P value, and Probability will be the most applicable for me. The reason is, we used probability in everyday clinical practice and the concepts behind hypothesis testing. The P-value is the probability of obtaining a value of the test statistic as large as or greater than the one computed from the data when in reality there is no difference between the different treatments. In other words, the P- value is the likelihood of being incorrect when attesting that a disagreement exists. We must recognize we do not discover proof by hypothesis examination, and doubt will always reside in experimental research; at the most, we can only quantify our uncertainty.
Question 3