You are to create a Design for Change proposal inclusive of your Practice Issue and Evidence Summary worksheet from your Capstone Project Milestone #1. Your plan is to
convince your management team of a nursing problem you have uncovered and you feel is significant enough to change the way something is currently practiced.


1. Create a proposal for your Design for Change Capstone Project. You will include the information from Milestone 1, your practice issue and evidence summary
worksheets, as you compose this proposal. Your plan is to convince your management team of a practice problem you have uncovered that is significant enough to change
current practice.

3. The paper is to be four pages excluding the Title page and Reference page.

4. As you organize your information and evidence, include the following topics.

a. Introduction: Write an introduction but do not use “Introduction” as a heading. Introduce the reader to the plan with evidence-based problem identification and

b. Change Model Overview: Overview of ACE Star model; define the scope of the EBP; identify the stakeholders, and determine the responsibility of the team

c. Evidence: Conduct internal and external searches of evidence; integrate and summarize the evidence summary worksheet from Milestone 1; develop a recommendation
for change.

d. Translation: develop a hypothetical action plan; include measurable outcomes, reporting to stakeholders; identify next steps and disseminate the findings.

e. Conclusion: Provide a clear and concise summary, inclusive of the problem issue, the five points of the ACE Star change model; and ways to maintain the change

5. Citations and References must be included to support the information within each topic area. Scholarly sources are expected, which means using peer-reviewed
Practice Issue Worksheet
What is the Practice Issue?
The practice issue in this case is employing the use of SBAR communication report during the handoff process of patients in addition to bedside report. According to
this evaluation, this methodology is going to be the most effective and efficient mechanism in ensuring that a patient’s information is successfully transferred from
one physician to another.
Define the scope of the Practice Issue:
Through the employment of this technique, healthcare providers will be in a position of assessing various factors surrounding a patient’s condition. The technique
provides the physician with a strategy on how to assess a client’s situation, background, assessment and provide a recommendation.
What is the practice area?
Clinical Administration and Education
How was the practice issue identified?
The primary objective of each and every healthcare center is providing care to its clients that fosters quick recovery. However, over time, this has been a challenge
to achieve as there exist numerous challenges within the healthcare sector. A major challenge is experienced during the handoff process. The healthcare sector has been
having wide variations in practice with no definite kind that is presumed to be the right one. Also, there is lack of proper communication which can be aided through
implementation of SBAR communication report. Moreover, there has been unsatisfactory patient outcomes which has become an issue of concern in the healthcare center.
Through the implementation of this tool, it is believed that there are going to be positive outcomes in hospitals.

The mode of communication that has been used over time fail to deliver clinical messages efficiently. As a result, this assessment proposes the use of SBAR
communication report for effective delivery of communication.
Describe the rationale for your checked selections:
What evidence must be gathered?
___ Literature search
___ Guidelines